Gleanings of Wheat: A Blog dedicated to cooking, kids, and Christ

About Kristina

So blogger has added pages, I guess they realized that this is a huge feature that WordPress has been utilizing forever...

Since you're here I assume you want to know something about me, right? But what?

I'm a single mom of two wonderful children. Despite the fact that I've been living in Illinois since 1999 I still basically consider myself a southerner. I grew up in the south, I miss the warmth, and I've got some wild stores about gators and swamp buggies.

I am a Christian - I know there's some drama surrounding that title, some would even reject it for the hipster term "Christ follower". Let's face it, they mean the same thing. What I mean, as simply as I can put it, is that Jesus Christ died on the Cross and rose three days later to ransom me from the punishment I deserve. He did so out of love for me, but even more out of a desire to bring His Father glory. God chose me, and has given me the privileged of following Him for eternity.

I'm a freelance web designer. Really, that's my full-time job. I love it, absolutely love it. I love that I'm able to be creative and get paid for it. I love that I'm able to help other small business owners market themselves on the web affordably. One of my favorite things is knowing that at the end of a project the clients have saved money, time, and reduced stress in their lives.

You can check my work out at

Gleanings isn't my first blog, in fact I've got two others that I regularly maintain, but this is the one that you get to see my wide range of interests. While I talk about my kids and my faith a lot here, I also talk about computers, books, movies, and food. Especially food. Gleanings functions as my testing ground for recipes, it allows me to keep track of what I've done and how it turned out.