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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Blogging Meme

I saw this at Kim's and as I was getting ready to do it Carla shot her answers off.

1. What was the first blog you read? I am pretty sure it was Slice back when it still had a blogspot address.

2. Do you still read that blog? Eh, not so much anymore. I started reading it when I started seeing some strange things in the church I was going to (read: a mix of PDL & Emergent) and wanted to do some research on the things. I've got my mind made up about these things now so I don't stalk the blog as much as I used to.

3. Do you have a blog crush, in other words, is there a blogger you’d love to meet? A crush? No. Admiration? Yes. People I'd love to meet b/c I've been blessed by them: Carla, Kim, Amy, David, Tim, and Doug.

4. Upon meeting would you crumble and mumble under the pressure, blurt out something incoherent, or blush madly? The blushing would be a little strange, I think. I'd probably be a little more quiet than I normally am.

5. If you could have a long, leisurely lunch with one blogger whom you’ve never met, who would it be? I'd like Lindsay & Taylor to cook. I'd say I'd pester them to share all their recipes, but they already do that. The list from question number 3 could all come too.