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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Chicago-land vs Naples, FL

Inspired by various blogs I read, most recently Matt/Pedalboy/Conrad. I grew up in Florida, a good chunk of that time was spent in the Bonita Springs/ Naples area. While I haven't been back in nearly 10 years there are still things I miss. So here you go:

Good things about Florida
Being 3 minutes from the nearest beach
Swamp buggy races
Civil War Reenactments
The Everglades
The lack of snow
The fresh seafood
The awesome high school marching bands
The lack of snow
Throwing rocks at alligators
Seeing wild the wild
Dolphins coming up to the boat
The humidity being justified since we were SURROUNDED BY WATER
The lack of snow

Good things about the Chi-town area
Tong's Tiki Hut
An actual fall season
Finishing high school at the original location of the nation's oldest junior college
The friends I've made
Being called by Christ will always be linked to my living up here, I think
Lots of nature preserves to wander around in
Playing in the leaves with my kids
Having an excuse not to leave the house (snow)