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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Church membership

I applied for membership at the church I've been attending since June. A big step for me, but this place just feels like home. As part of the process I had a meeting with the deacons after service this morning and tonight I'm supposed to give my testimony so they can vote on whether I will be accepted into membership or not.

One problem, I have a HUGE fear of public speaking...heck, even speaking in a small setting with three men in the room makes me incredibly nervous. I knew when I applied that I would have to do this, and part of me hesitated turning in the application because I'm so scared. But I love this church, the kids love this church, and I feel that if I'm going to ask these people to invest in my life then I need to be willing to invest in the life of the church.

Long story short, I'm proceeding after a lot of prayer, and I'd appreciate it if you would pray for me this evening that I would be able to rest in the grace of God and share my story. Thanks bunches.


I got through it without dying! Actually, once I got up there and started I didn't feel as sick. Thank God. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't want me if I threw up on the carpets in the sanctuary. ;) It went well. I was terrified but I got up and trusted Him to get me through it; He's shown Himself faithful yet again.