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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

State of the Blog Address

I've been thinking about this blog a lot as of late and how I can best serve others. In truth, when I started this blog I was only mainly thinking of myself. I love to cook, but I hate cookbooks. I never can seem to remember what book I found a certain recipe in, which definitely doesn't make preparing meals any easier. I started this blog so that I could collect recipes I've tried and enjoyed in one place. And it certainly is fulfilling that purpose nicely, but I've been mulling some things over lately which may effect the way this blog runs. I used to have another blog, but I let that one die (in part) because there were somethings doctrinally I needed to sort out as well as making sure I was allowing God to work the things I was posting in my heart. There was/ is a real danger in digging into the Word and not allowing it to manifest change in my heart, and for a while I needed to step back and review that.

Since I shut that one down I've missed sharing my ramblings on God as I've grown in Him and I've missed being able to link to things that have encouraged me or post questions about things I'm trying to figure out. It was a nice outlet for me, and again it kept everything in one place. When I look at the first post of that blog and the final post I see how much God has moved in my life. Honestly, I feel like I was growing more when I was journaling my way through Scripture. I suppose I could just start posting over there again, but I think I like the idea of having a new place to post reflections and questions since my understanding of God's sovereignty has changed become more reformed.

At any rate, I'm still mulling this all over but it is very likely I may start posting more than recipes and music to eat by.