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Thursday, November 29, 2007

The most wonderful time of the year...and it still stinks

I get frustrated pretty easily, especially around Christmas. I suppose it has a lot to do with the fact that you see our society's focus so clearly portrayed at Christmas. Yes, I know people give more and think more about the poor at Christmas, but when you put that in perspective and see just how much more it is focused on getting stuff it is rather sad. What frustrates me even more is that many people just don't seem to notice how selfishly they celebrate the holiday, "What did I get?" is on the hearts, minds, and lips of millions of people Christmas morning often with little, or no, thought of Christ. Even among professing Christians.

I was struck this morning that for the world, that really is all they have. The focus on getting stuff, of making sure they've gotten everyone else exactly what they want (even if they can't afford it), even the less selfish people who seek to serve others during the holiday - all they have is that. Even if they cared nothing about the gifts and did all they could to bless others, they're still missing something...Someone.

For them all they have is what they've done. They may sing familiar Christmas carols, but the words written to praise God are hollow to them; they may cause one to be nostalgic, but if your heart is not set on our risen Lord they will be nothing more than cute little songs we teach our kids all while not believing a word they say. For those without Christ, that's as good as it gets. There is no hope of a blessed eternity, no thanks for a bloody Cross, and no longing for the return of a King. How incredibly sad.