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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Under 24 hours in Ubuntu

I have always been a Windows user. The first computer I got on the internet with 10 years ago was running Windows 95, eventually I got XP (new computer) and have even upgraded to Vista (another new computer) about 6 months ago (and then down graded b/c Vista drove me bonkers). Well, I've had lots of problems with Microsoft in general and have been toying with the idea forsaking my high cost software background for an open source solution. I've been using OpenOffice for about a year as an alternative to Microsoft Office, and have been VERY pleased with it. The same goes for The Gimp, an Photoshop alternative - and yes, I know Adobe makes Photoshop.

Last night I backed up my files and installed Ubuntu 7.10. It has been less than 24 hours, but I'm very happy. Obviously things are going to be different from Windows, but overall I haven't had any difficulty configuring my programs. I forgot to back up my bookmarks in Firefox, so I'm in the process of painstakingly saving them again, but this really has been an interesting learning experience and I'm happy to be out from under the thumb of Microsoft.