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Friday, January 4, 2008

Conviction over sin

I sinned today, big surprise. In truth, I sin every day. Today however, though the world would say this sin is rather small, I felt particularly convicted about it. As I went before God in prayer I had to confess not only this specific sin, but also a sin that came about in response to His righteous conviction. Initially, as my conscience was pricked I tried to rationalize and justify my sin. Surely it wasn't that big a deal, right? Wrong.

As I reflected upon why I was attempting to justify sin to a righteous King I realized what I was doing. With profound clarity I saw my sin in that moment and was broken over it. As I reflected and prayed more I became joyful for my conviction.

I know that may sound like a strange response to conviction, but I was incredibly happy in that moment. I began to see that this conviction was good, and of God; in His grace He was revealing my sin and helping me understand His attitude toward it. I don't think I've ever really realized just how much of a blessing conviction can be. Imagine how far flung in sin I would be if it were not for the steady hand of God reaching out and pricking my conscience! What mercy, that He should reach out and save a wretched sinner like me!