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Monday, March 3, 2008

Grilled basa w/ veggies

I picked up some basa at the grocery a couple days ago - figured we'd try something new. Next, I hunted down this simple recipe. This fish is like the chicken of fish. It could taste like anything with the right seasoning, it doesn't have that distinct "fishy" taste as some other breeds thus making it perfect for people (like my children and mother) who don't normally like fish.

4 basa steaks
olive oil
black pepper
lemon juice
4 oz (100g) butter
handful chopped parsley

Take the butter and mix into it the chopped parsley, a dash of lemon and some pepper. Roll into a sausage shape and leave it in the fridge whilst you cook your fish.

Heat the grill, line and grease your grill pan.

Place the basa fish steaks about 4" (10cm) from the heat and grill for about 5 minutes either side - brushing with oil to prevent them drying out.

Serve immediately with a portion of the parsley and lemon butter on top.


I also threw a sliced (length wise) cucumber and a sliced & deseeded green bell pepper on the grill and let them cook along side the fish. It almost felt like spring - 30 degrees out, melted snow, and I was grilling.


Mila said...


Thank you so much for this excellent recipe. I just made it today, it came out wonderful. It's so simple too!

Emily V.

Kristina said...

Hi Emily, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I loved how simple it was, too.

Anne said...

Hi Kristina,
I just want to say thank you for living-out-loud-for-Christ on your blog. I got here quite by accident. I googled Basa Fish Recipes and this was the first hit. You don't know how it blesses me to land on a Christ-serving site when a great percentage of hits are quite the opposite. My ending up with Basa is much the same story as yours. I am going to try your recipe this very evening. Thanks for being on my monitor. Have a blessed day of basking in His Sonshine!!!

Kristina said...

Anne, thanks for your kind words.

Funny enough most of the traffic my blog gets is b/c of that recipe, I just hope that the people that stick around for more than that are challenged/ encouraged to seek Christ.