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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Back in April my school announced the winners of the web design contest. I got 4th/ honorable mention for the single college division which means no money, but I do get a plaque. Anyway I couldn't go to the award ceremony so William and I went to the school today to pick up the plaque. After 4 phone calls and a lot of digging around it turns out the people who did the engraving spelled my name wrong and the school sent the plaque back to get redone. The trip wasn't a total bust, however because I also got a bag of goodies. A hat, a cup, a key chain, some pens, a high lighter, a 1gig USB drive, and a wallet thing that came with a pad of paper and a calculator. It may not sound like much but I like goofy things like that. I can use everything they gave me, and that makes Kristina very happy.