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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Some Spiritual Brain Food To Chew On

This morning my pastor gave a pair of excellent messages, the first during a Sunday school class for all the singles of the congregation and the second being in our corporate worship service. Truth be told I found his talk on singleness to be especially convicting. I often go back and forth in my singleness, fluctuating between being content and rather dissatisfied with it. As of late I've been particularly down in the dumps about it, and to my shame have not honored God with it. Needless to say the message was quite timely.

With his second message, Man & Woman in the Image of God, Pastor Ryan focused on man's unique dependence upon God compared to the rest of creation, how that dependence is really for our benefit, and that it was in place before the fall.

So, for your consideration:

Singleness to the Glory of God
Man & Woman in the Image of God