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Monday, August 4, 2008

Back from Pittsburgh and Cleveland

I'm going to tell you a story. There will be pictures taken by various people involved in the story. Sit back and relax as I recount "The Crazy Adventures of Kristina."

Once there was a girl who lived in Illinois. She had friends who were all going to be congregating in Pittsburgh and decided two weeks before the big meet up to take a Greyhound out to Cleveland and road trip in with her friend Liz. So she took a train to Chicago and then spent three hours late Thursday night people watching in the Chicago Greyhound station. She had lots of fun considering the floor was sticky, the bathrooms were dirty, and it was super crowded.

On the ride from Chicago to Cleveland she got trapped by a man who had really bad gas. Never did a city look more inviting than Cleveland did after that seven hours!

Kristina was very excited when she saw what the Cleveland Greyhound station looked like, you see it was far smaller than the Chicago station. It also was laid out much better, had clean bathrooms, a not sticky floor, and was less crowded.

Our story takes a darker turn as the local RTA bus that was to take Kristina to meet Liz in a near by suburb refused to pick her up on three occasions at this location:

Finally the RTA customer service desk figured out a way for Kristina to make the journey by getting on a different bus which also picked up here:

But then Liz and Jon rescued Kristina halfway through the trip and picked her up at Walmart! Finally together, Liz, Jon, and Kristina make the two hour trip to Pittsburgh where they waited at IKEA for Samuel and Michael to arrive. While they waited they took silly pictures.

Once Samuel and Michael came they went to lunch at Uncle Sam's Subs and then went to a half price bookstore where they found a Heidi record and were joined by Sierra.

With Sierra in tow our group moved down to a Starbucks where Kristina got a Chocolaty Chip Mocha with chocolate syrup drizzled over the whipped cream. They spent time talking, laughing, and group texting. At least they thought they were all texting. Little did they know Kristina was pretending to text as she took photos and uploaded them to Facebook!

After Starbucks Kristina and Sierra went to Walmart while the rest of the group went to the Pittsburgh airport to pick up Alicia from California. And since the group had enlarged they figured it would only make sense to go back to IKEA!

From IKEA the group went across the street for more food to North Park Clubhouse, which is like a Chucky Cheese for grownups. The boys and Liz played video games while the rest of the group sat around talking. Eventually they were joined by Eric and Genesis. The waitress was not happy when we asked her to split the check.

Next Liz and Jon had to head back to Cleveland and Kristina stayed in Pittsburgh with the rest of the group. They headed to Eat n Park next where they met up with Brian and ate some more food and played with the cool hand dryers in the bathrooms!

Once they had stuffed themselves they all headed to the Pittsburgh Greyhound to pick up our future president, Mr. Adam Glass. With the President in tow our happy group wandered over to Michael's apartment where they were happily joined by SG and spent hours talking, laughing, and looking up IKEAs in New York. Sometime around 3:30-4am SG, Sierra, and Brian went home and the remaining group pulled out the air mattresses and went to bed.

Frenzyboard East Coast Meeting

Saturday morning our happy travelers woke up, went to a convience store and a grocery store looking for 9 volt batteries. Eventually Liz and Jon rejoined the group and they headed out to the park near Fort Pitt to meet up with Tim. SG also rejoined the group as they lounged around the river.

While at the river the group struck up a conversation with the woman who agreed to take a photo of everyone together. Kristina discovered that she used to do pest control in the same town that the woman was from.

With Tim and SG in tow the happy group decided that they should probably eat some food since it was now about 5pm and Alicia had to be back at the airport around 7. Once everyone, except for SG who is a vegetarian, got their food from a place Kristina can't remember the name of the group decided to eat in the courtyard of a bunch of buildings that looked like a glass castle. The group was surprised to find out that when you order sandwiches in Pittsburgh you also get fries ON the sandwich. It is a yummy surprise, but made Kristina's order of cheese fries unnecessary.

From there the group caravaned to the airport to drop Alicia off. It was sad. With that taken care of the group headed out to visit the mall where the original Dawn of the Dead was filmed. Shortly there after Liz, Jon, and Kristina had to leave so they could get to Cleveland in time for Kristina to catch her bus. More sadness. On the way to Cleveland Kristina finally revealed to Liz that she hadn't been texting at all during the trip, but had been uploading photos to Facebook. Upon her arrival at the Cleveland Greyhound Kristina rushed to make a final potty trip and buy some Doritos before getting in line. The bus ended up being over an hour late and Kristina got to witness a passenger and employee arguing and screaming at each other during that hour. Kristina thought there would be a fist fight, but amazingly no punches were thrown. The passenger was, however, escorted to the security office until the bus came.

Once the bus came and headed out Kristina found out she'd lefter her disposable camera in Pittsburgh. Kristina also had an awkward ride home as the passengers behind her were most likely having sex. Upon her arrival in Chicago early Sunday morning Kristina walked the half a mile back to the train station and ended her trip with some more people watching.

Kristina misses her friends and had a great time. The end.