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Thursday, August 21, 2008

First Day of School

The kids had their first day of school today. This was William's first day in a big boy school, he is in kindergarten now. Julianne is off to her half day preschool, and their moods couldn't be any further apart.

She started her day cheering and dancing around the living room:

He started his day with a frown.

I drove him to school today because he had all those school supplies, but tomorrow we'll walk. On the way there I got a lecture about how school wasn't fun and video games were - the implication is, of course, that he'd be perfectly content if I chose not to send him to school.

His teacher seems nice, the class is not too big, and I know he'll be fine once he gets used to the change. But for the next couple of weeks I expect to be seeing lots of frowns. I hope not, but I'm prepared for it.

Oh, and I'm surprising them with cake after school!