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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

On My Deathbed and Back Again

Ok, I'm a little over dramatic - I probably wasn't dying a couple days ago but it sure felt like it! I don't know what hit me, but it wiped me out. I went to bed Saturday night feeling fine and woke up quite sick. I can't remember ever being so sick that I couldn't stand up, but that's what I got on Sunday. I also can't remember ever passing out because I was sick, but that's what I did on Sunday. Thankfully the kids' dad is on leave and kept them during the weekend for me so I got to be a bum and not do anything. Not that I was physically able to do anything anyway.

Now I'm basically recovered. I've got a nasty migraine and a strange ringing noise in my ears, but I'm not throwing up anymore and I can take care of the kids. Praise God for His mercy. It hit while the kids were gone and the worst of it passed before they came home.