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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I like having friends who love God

Really, I do. Last night I had the great pleasure of loading my kids up and driving out to my deacon's home to have dinner with his wife and children - he was supposed to be there too, but got stuck behind an accident and ended up not getting home until dinner was over with. Anyway - I had a wonderful time. His wife and I got the birth stories done before he got home, you know, because you can't have two women together alone for the first time an not end up sharing birth stories. At least that's how it goes with me. We bond over shared experiences of pain, striving, and great joy. It is like loving the same movie, but in real life. ;)

With that taken care of we spent hours just talking about God. How he delivered us from churches with very bad theology and a low view of God, how we found our current church, how He changed our views on His sovereignty, and about a zillion other things. I cannot begin to tell you how I enjoyed myself. The kids had lots of fun, and I feel so very refreshed. I hope they enjoyed having us over as much as we enjoyed being there.