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Monday, January 5, 2009

Spectacular Sins

As I mentioned previously, I received two books for Christmas. Truth be told I purchased this one without really looking into it further than to see that it was John Piper's new book. From the moment I cracked open the pages I was challenged and encouraged. I don't mean for this to be a proper book review, but mearly a pointing out of a great resource. If you do read this book I would encourage you to not skip over the introduction because it gives a clear glimpse of Piper's hopes and intentions for the book.

If you wonder how God can truly be sovereign over all in light of the seeming chaos that surrounds us, this would be a good book for you. If you wonder why God, if He is sovereign - and we know He is - would allow terrorists to fly planes into the Twin Towers, or bridges to collapse, or tsunamis to hit islands, or any other number of things then this is a great book to start with. An encouraging book. Piper exhorts us to not settle for wimpy theology because it makes wimpy Christians, and wimpy Christians will find themselves struggling to understand the things that are coming - and I quite agree. It is very brief, and I'm sure Piper could have gone into much more depth, but it is a great book that I would happily recommend to anyone.