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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thankful for my mother

Today I'm particularly thankful for my mom. Though we don't see eye to eye on a great many things (what two sinners ever do?) I like to think she's generally happy with how I turned out. :P My mom was (is) a single mom, and now that I've been doing the single mom thing for a few years I'm beginning to realize just how difficult it can be to find that balance. Mom had to be both parents, in addition to going to school and working, and I know that isn't exactly easy...especially when I hit that pesky stage of life from age 11 to 18.

I'm thankful she was willing to open her home when my kids and I needed a place to go, and I pray that God would continue to bless her for the patience and kindness she's afforded me.


Lisa notes... said...

I hope that your mom is able to read this. She'll be thankful for her sweet daughter!