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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thankful for thanksgiving reminders

On Sunday my pastor had post it notes in the bulletin (go listen to the sermon, it'll make more sense) for us to write things that we were thankful for on. Today he emailed us all what was written. It was a nice reminder of the things God has done in the lives of my church family.

I am Thankful For:

My Family
the women that serve so faithfully with our children, for their prayers and care in helping shepherd the kids
the people in this church
the life and people that God has given me. For God’s precious gift of Jesus!
For my family and friends always coming through
God allowing me to have a house
This church
my family and friends
going to bed
The church
Everything I’ve been through this past year
Prayer and for my prayerful church family
My house and family
Letting me go to Northland Camp
For my Family
The birth of our daughter
God bringing us back to Calvary because we (our family) have been blessed by the good teaching
That God gave my older son a job
Church, house, and Bible
My dad getting cancer – it has humbled him and me and has magnified God
Carl’s sermon a few weeks ago
Kristi’s work of service in numerous CBC ministries
The growth of Changed Life ministry and continued engagement with Morningstar Mission
God and Thanksgiving
My sister Abbey, and my doggie Sammy for bringing such joy
The love of this church
Jesus died for our sins
Having such a hard-working mother
my saved and unsaved friends
My family
God for all he has provided
my salvation
God letting me live
That Chuck can come back from vacation
God has graciously expanded our lives. Financially, God has met every need above and beyond in revealing himself to us this year.
Thank you for your care this year
House sold
God blessing me with a new friend, hope, and strength. I am grateful that he saved me
Salvation of Bryan Paul and Gywn
Our worship time
Expository preaching
A servant’s heart in our church people
My sister Ashley
God has met our financial needs this year
Church that worships God
Letting me not be scared to talk to my friends about Jesus
God making my family
Close friends and family
Trucks, friends, and family
God on the cross
My life and my family and friends
A second chance
Being more in God this year as a family
My family and friends
Family, friends, new church family
My friends an family and my new found family and Calvary Baptist
The sweet fellowship of the body of Christ
Letting me have a good start in high school
That Jesus made us so we can serve him
Small Groups
Our pastors and their families. What a gift from God to our church
My wife and our salvation
God making us
Food, music, family, water, pastors, church, free country, Jesus, and Bibles
Christ Jesus dying for my sins and for my family and for saving me and my family. For protecting my house from sin
Having holiday dinners at church
Church and thankgiving dinner
God continues to extend his grace and mercy to me and allows me to grow and serve his people here- in spite of my stumbles
The unique poignant and loving ministry of small groups
Saving all of my family
Grandkids: Ian, Calvin, Brady, Cooper, Sydney, Geneva, Etc
Good health for family
His grace while waiting for his will and time
Going to church
This world is not my home
Ian got saved
Saving my husband and watching God grow him in his grace and for blessing me with him for 40 years
The gift of His son and the treasure of his word
Providence of God in my life,
Times of want/times of plenty
Small groups, working in other peoples lives.
my daughter‘s cancer gone
Christmas trees
God’s wisdom of making life
A loving church family
Helping me financially through my current situation. Providing my sons safety at this time
Devan, Austin, and Carl for all they do with the teens
Christ fulfilled the law.
Jesus is coming back.
Those who serve me in ministry
My marriage and church family
Carl being in Joliet
The fellowship I have with Jesus and the fellowship I have with other believers
Allowing relationship with family/friend to be restored through Christ’s love for me. Counseling with Pastor Ryan and Kristi to help me see through the darkness