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Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Last night we got some frustrating news about my mom's van that she's been letting me use - it needs an insane amount of work to keep it on the road. It has been running fine until the past couple of days when it started overheating, but all the fluid levels were fine.

But this morning after reading Carla's Thankfulness post I was once again reminded of how blessed we are that it is still running! I'm expecting some money in the next week or so that would allow us to get a lot of work done to mom's van, so I'm just praying it holds up until then. I was hoping to do something else (either donating it and/or buying me a used car) with the money, but if this is where the Lord has us then I know it is for the best.

Also, as I was packing my son's lunch and finding my daughter's homework I was struck with how blessed we've been with the teachers they've had. The public school system isn't where I planned for them to be, but thus far they've had wonderful teachers and the school hasn't been wrought with controversy the way some schools have been.

Moreover, I got my daughter's progress report (she's in a speech & developmental preschool program) and was pleased to see that she's mastered every goal but two they have for her. This is a stark improvement over last year and the year before. Almost daily I'm amazed at how well she is doing, at how well she's expressing herself now. Her delays and the progress made have been a constant reminder of God's goodness in our lives in enabling her to progress and giving her teachers that have the patience work with her and not get frustrated by the sometimes odd things she does.