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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Derek & Sammy

If you follow my business blog, sorry for the duplicate content, I just wanted to cover all the bases so that as many people as possible would hear about Derek & Sammy.

I'm going to get a bit personal on this post, but it's for a very important reason so bear with me. I've got two small children and until February 17th this year I had four nephews who were all younger than my kids. Now I only have three nephews. I only have three nephews because Derek was murdered. He wasn't even two years old yet. There is a lot surrounding the circumstances of his death that, frankly, doesn't add up.

Sammy, Derek's younger brother, was also hurt - though we still don't have a straight story on that either. The wonderful thing is that Sammy is fine. His broken leg healed, and he's home with his father - where he ought to stay. This brings us to the purpose of this post - Derek & Sammy is a website that we as a family set up in order to have a place to share Derek & Sammy's story.

There are also buttons, shirts, bumper stickers and other gifts available for purchase via Zazzle and CafePress.

It is our hope that these things will serve as catalysts for dialog about the importance of having safe support system surrounding families with small children, responsibly choosing who is involved in children's lives, and more than that will hopefully serve as an aid to helping keep Sammy safe from future injury or dangerous situations.

Please visit the website and/or "like" Derek & Sammy on Facebook. Help spread the word so that we can keep tragedies like this from happening to other families.