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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Genesis 3-5 Reflections

Doug's post today is wonderful, go read it. What struck me this morning was just how quickly humanity went from being in the Garden to bringing forth all sorts of sin. The pride of two quickly infected all around them. Cain kills Abel, for what? Because God had been pleased with Abel's offering and displeased with Cain's. God had not withdrawn Himself from Cain, rather He sought Cain out in order to restore Cain's heart and relationship with Himself. But rather than allowing God's inquiry to restore his heart Cain hardened himself, killed Abel, and then had to bare the consequences of that sin. Even in His pronounced judgment on Cain God was merciful. Though Cain would wander the earth as a vagabond and a murderer God marked him for protection. Likewise, if we are in Christ we will wander the earth as aliens, often we will remember our sinful past, but in all of this we are marked by God so that His wrath might pass us by. Unlike Cain we can rejoice in knowing that we have been brought into His presence. Cain was sent out in stiff necked rebellion, let us be brought in by submission to the Lamb.