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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Exodus 32-34 Reflections

A lot of time when we I read the Exodus account I marvel at the powerful, crystal clear ways in which God showed Himself to be Lord to the Israelites. I often find myself astounded at how foolish these people are - God delivered them in a mighty way from their oppression and how do they show their gratitude? By worshiping a golden cow while God is personally instructing Moses on how they are to live and to worship. It is easy to look down on them, to shake my head in disbelief at their behavior. After all, if God revealed Himself to me in those ways surely I would be faithful.

I think it is common among Christians to long for God to reveal Himself as He did to Moses in Exodus 34:5-28, on some level I think a lot of us envy Moses, that God allowed Himself to be seen by such mortal eyes. We think that if we had a Mount Sinai experience that we'd never stray, because we would really appreciate what God has shown us.

But you know what? I think we're the blessed ones, the fortunate ones - after all, God spoke with Moses but we have God living in us as result of God saving us. And like the Israelites, we have done nothing to deserve such a privilege. I've said it before, we often long for the big things but let us treasure the small things, the easy to over look things. Truly we are blessed beyond measure.