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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Prayer Please

So, my car broke down again about a month or two ago and I couldn't afford to have it towed to the mechanic because of the holidays and the kid's birthdays. I was waiting for my tax refund to come and use part of that to get it fixed. I got the money, and as some of you know my mom ended up being out of work for a week with a torn cornea so I had to pay a lot more household bills than I was planning on so I ended up waiting a few more weeks. I dropped off the car last week and the next day our furnace broke down. GREAT.

I paid half that bill for my mom (I like to be warm so its only fair I chip in) - but now I don't have enough money pay to pick up my car from the mechanic. I get paid on Friday and child support on Saturday, but it is either pay for the car or have child support to pay the preschool, put gas in the car to go to school, and be able to pay the phone bill on time. I can't leave the car at the mechanic because eventually they'll start charging me storage fees. GREAT.

Prayer that money would magically show up? haha Seriously though, that I would trust God in this knowing full well that He has always made a way before. This (trusting God when finances are tight) is probably my biggest struggle spiritually. I'm going to talk to the mechanic today and explain what's going on, hopefully he'll be willing to take it in two payments which would help out a lot.

Also, pray for my mom's eye. The last treatment for it didn't work and if the next one doesn't she may have to get surgery.