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Friday, December 12, 2008

Saturday = Party Day

Julianne turned four yesterday, because my house is small (read TINY) I decided to split the party into two groups: kiddies and family. The kiddies are coming for lunch and cake tomorrow and family is coming for dinner and cake in the evening. Busy day. So, I decided to simplify my life I'd cheat and use the box mixes for her cake. I just put the first one in the oven and happened to be looking at the box and noticed it said something about milk products.

This is a problem because one of the kids coming can't have milk. No problem, I'll just use that cake for the family. The problem I'm running into is that when I do a search for cake recipes without milk products in it vegan recipes come up. Now, I'm all for experimenting, but I really want these kids to actually like the cake and I don't have time to test it before hand. The recipe I'm leaning towards sounds good enough, so I'm hoping it goes over well. I'll post the recipe tomorrow night with my thoughts.