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Friday, March 27, 2009

No cooking = no posting

The blog has been largely silent lately. I've had a lot going on this month.

The kids kept getting sick, I still have school, I'm freelancing, and the kitchen is being remodeled.

On top of all that the kids went to Texas for two weeks. It has been a roller coaster around here. Instead of staying home and missing the kids I decided to pack up my office (read laptop and day planner) and take a working vacation to NYC and Nashville.

Over all I had a lot of fun and got more work done than I probably would have if I were surrounded by the kids' stuff while they were visiting their dad.

Now I'm at home, the kitchen still isn't done, and the kids come home tonight. I'm really excited. I talked to them nearly every day, but I missed them like crazy and can't wait to settle back into normal life.

Now for some photos from the day I spent at Jersey Shore!