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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Why it is important to drink coffee before reading on April 1st

Alternatively titled "Brett Riggs is a big jerk."

I have a routine in the morning. Shut off the alarm and sleep for 10 more minutes. Get up, make coffee, consume coffee, scan Google Reader and Twitter, wake the kids up, have breakfast, and get them to school. After that I try to have my quiet time, it is just what works best for me as I'm not coherent enough to do it first thing in the morning.

Occasionally I oversleep and that throws everything off. I over slept today. Still, I had time to do all over the pre-taking the kids to school stuff, except for my coffee consumption and wasn't as leisurely. I had a notice from the Riggs Family Blog Facebook group saying there was an urgent update. My heart dropped. I held my breath and feverishly typed in the URL. After a redirect my heart sunk even more. Brent had been arrested and the blog apparently had been suspended by Blogger.

On the first page there was a photo of him in a police car, the second page contained a mugshot as well as this explaination for why the blog had been suspended:

Odius Versification is grounds for suspension of blogger account. Please indicate whether you know Brent Riggs to be guilty of this offense and whether "riggsfamilyblog" should be removed.

I spent a good two minutes freaking out, trying to figure out what "odius versification" was and why it didn't sound that bad, tweeting for people to pray for the family, and then the adrenaline started helping my brain cells work - today is April Fools Day. Brent Riggs, you are a jerk and I am impressed. I'm never reading a blog again without first consuming gallons of coffee.