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Monday, July 6, 2009

I exist!

For those of you reading this through my facebook feed you're going to be wondering why it sounds like I haven't written in a while even though my status gets updated pretty regularly. Ignore this post if that is the case.

For those of you reading this via RSS or actually on the blog: Hi!!! So real quick run down of the past month...In early June I dropped the kids in Texas to visit their dad for a month. While down there I stayed a few days with my Gpa that I haven't seen since I was two.

Then I "swung" by Nashville to visit some friends from high school. The timing was pretty perfect b/c Kristin was planning on coming back up to Illinois to visit her family for a week so she ended up just driving up with me a few days later. I had tons of fun hanging out with her and barely spent any time at home. We even managed to take a road trip with our friend Sam (she is a photographer) to see her show up in Madison.

Before I knew it the month was almost up and I got ready to head down to Springfield, MO to get the kids back. Needless to say I was very excited. Now we're home, settled, and the kids are enjoying the pool while I work outside on the deck.

I've got a few cool recipes and websites to share, so look for those over the next couple of weeks. Oh, and I've got my final project due on Thursday for my summer course - I suppose I should start it.