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Monday, September 21, 2009

Camping & the car

The kids & I went camping this weekend with some friends. It was a ton of fun. Here are photos.

W in a tree.

Mr. T (haha best internet nickname ever) walking us to the playground.

Miss E examining the gap between where we were standing and a rock. Mr. T had taken the kids to the car so they wouldn't see what was coming...

This is the gap...

This is the view from the safe side of the gap...

This is me after I jumped the gap.

We wore bandannas to keep our heads free from bugs. It also happened to be "Talk like a pirate day."

Isn't it insane how beautiful this is?


J was really tired. I finally gave in and carried her for a while - up hill. She's trying to kill me.

This was on Sunday.

W taking a break from his play fighting activities to show me how strong he is. Or that he is a rhino. I can't remember.

The car
My nightmare of a car (I've posted about it before, but not each time it has broke down. If I did there'd be about 5 or 6 posts.) has been parked in my backyard for 8 months now. Today I made the final payment on it. I'm so glad that God has provided rides for me and now that it is paid off I'm going to start saving to buy a new car...or fix this one. I haven't figured that out yet, but WOO for no more car payment.