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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Food for the soul

I'd like to direct you over to my left side bar - if you're reading this via RSS or on an imported Facebook note, please click over, it's worth it. There you'll find the RSS feed for my church's sermons, always good biblical stuff over there, but in particular I'd like to point you over to our Family Life Seminar 2010 series. Really good stuff. If you want to be challenged, check it out.

Oldest to newest in the series w/ a brief description when needed:
Portraits of Glory: A Wedding Picture - How marriage can help you see and treasure Christ that you'd otherwise miss as a single
Picking Fights: Knowing when to Confront and when to Overlook
Respectful Love: The Role of the Husband
Nothing More than Feelings: Living by What is Real vs What You Feel - Aimed particularly at women, an examination of how the inner man can effect how we think, feel, & act
A Father's Love A look at how being a parent can help you see how the Father relates to us and how that should spur us to love our children