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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Funniest Story Ever

Or at least, that's what I'm calling it.

Back story: My daughter inherited not only my looks (she's practically a mini-me) but also my clumsiness. She's constantly falling and getting hurt - her knees look as though she's been to war - which is a major problem b/c she's going to be a flower girl this September. Scars are kind of discouraged by the bride and bride's mom.

Today, J ran straight into the door knob of our back door. Not a huge shock, considering a few weeks ago I sliced my finger open on the front door knob, but ever the wise and watchful parent I look for opportunities to bestow motherly wisdom on my children.

After I got her to calm down and she asked to go play I told her to be careful b/c "Miss Nancy is gonna kill you if you fall on your face again." About a month ago she fell, literally, straight on her nose and scraped the crap out of it much to the dismay of BFF's mom, Nancy.

So, earlier this evening the best big brother in the world threw one of J's Care Bears over the fence into Nancy's yard. Nancy took it inside and sent me a text message, and I told W to come with me to get it. J wanted to tag along. I let her. Funniness is about to ensue.

W can't find the Care Bear (b/c it isn't in the grass anymore! Shocking!) and I tell him to knock on the back door. What does my fine, respectful little boy do? Walks straight in the house...AGAIN. He's been doing this a lot now that he's not afraid of Nancy. I promptly yell at him to close the door and knock. When Nancy opens the door W starts telling her about the missing Care Bear.

Meanwhile J and I are still in the grass, but not for long. Once the door opened J decided she wanted to be on the porch, but didn't want to use the stairs like normal people do, so instead she climbs up the side of them, slips, and lands on her back on the ground.

I've never seen this kid move so fast in her soon as she hit the ground she lept onto her feet and ran for our front gate. Nancy, of course, wasn't actually going to kill J but apparently the poor kid took me seriously.

Eventually we were able to coax her back to Nancy's house where she received a big hug from Nancy and I received a slug in the arm. Funniest thing ever.